Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's great with dinner tonight!

Torii Mor 2006 Pinot Noir. An amazingly complex yet smooth pinot from Dundee Hills, Oregon. Winemaker Jacques Tardy. Torii Mor is translated as Earth's Gate.
"Through this Torii Mor, this earth gate, we step, to make glad the soul with the wine."
This Pinot has the flexibility to pair well with a wide varity of foods and I would especially recommend pairing with tappas, goat cheese and salmon. The flavors in the wine are that of barrel toast and cocoa with aromas of boysenberry and dark cherry. Sells for around $29 a bottle.


  1. This is all good information. I'm not a wine expert by any means, so this is very helpful.

  2. Lynnell,
    This Pinot sounds very good. I will have to find a bottle and get back to you! Thanks, John