Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Northwest Wine Trivia Quiz (First Edition)
By Lynnell Morgan

1. Oregon’s most dominant grape variety is _______________________________________

2. Cabernet Sauvignon is a Bordeaux grape. T F

3. The prized grape growing region of Red Mountain is located in: Washington or Oregon

4. The late David Lett was known as Papa Pinot in which valley ?_______________________

5. AVA’s are wine growing region in the Northwest. AVA stands for? ____________________

6. Vineyards on the east side of Washington’s Cascade Mountains comprise 99% of Washington’s wine grapes T F

7. What state ranks 2nd to California in wine production in the US? ____________________

8. Horse Heaven Hills is an AVA is which state? _____________________________________

9. A clone is essentially a subdivision of a varietal grape. T F

10. In the Northwest the white Pinot grape is known as _______________________________

11. The Columbia Gorge AVA lies in both Oregon and Washington. T F

12. There are many Northwest Boutique wineries located near the towns of Newberg and Dundee. Which state are these two towns located in? ______________________________

13. The number of wineries in Oregon has doubled in the last decade. T F

14. Last year a new AVA received federal approval- the Snake River AVA. Most of this AVA
is located in which state? _________________

15. The Okanagan Valley and Similkameen Valley growing regions are located where? _______

16. The number of wineries in British Columbia in 2009 are approx. (choose one) 170 110

17. The top red grape of British Columbia (by acreage planted) is Malbac T or F

18. Snipes Mountain AVA became official on Feb 20, 2009 and is located in which state? ______

19. The largest AVA is Washington State is the Columbia Valley AVA T or F

20. The top white grape of British Columbia (by acreage planted) is Chardonnay T or F

Check out by blog next week for the answers to this quiz and to view the 2nd Edition of NW Wine Trivia Quiz.

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