Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Syrah, also know as Shiraz, Hermitage and Marsanne Noir

Originally from the Rhone area in France

While Syrah is only Washington States 5th most widely planted grape, it is rapidly approaching the signature wine in the state. The possibility of Washington State as the premier grower of Syrah in America may soon be a reality.

Popularity for this vatietal has expolded and Washington has seen double digit increases in sales over the past few years years. California still leads over Washington in production in the United States.

Washington State Syrah ripens well in eastern Washington's long, hot growing season, and the vines thrive in its rocky soils, which are similiar to the Rhône region.

When pairing foods with a wine that requires a robust, spicy, heavy character consider Syrah as a great choice.

Watch out Australia. You can call it Shiraz in your country, but we call it kick-butt production of Syrah of the finest quality here in Washington.


  1. I agree, Washington State fruit is giving us the opportunity to make a mark in the Syrah wines. Let's hope that over oaking dosen't get in the way!

  2. John:

    What is the going rate per ton for WA Syrah grapes?

  3. I tasted wines at about 7 or 8 wineries in north Woodinville, and I consistently liked the Syrahs the best from every winery.

  4. Dave:

    Try McCrea '04 Syrah if you get a chance. WOW!